Let everyone who knows fashion become his or her own "designer" is the original intention of PERMU. Established during the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand received critical acclaim in the fashion industry within just two months of its debut at 2022 London Fashion Week. It has become one of the most popular designer brands.

PERMU is the abbreviation of “permutation”. We believe that replacement and fusion of different fashion styles would create new blood in the fashion industry. This London-based fashion brand has one of Asia's leading production teams, focusing on innovative garment pattern cutting and creating tailoring menswear with new technologies. This unusual approach results in a futuristic and deconstructive fashion pageant.

PERMU’s designs are full of minimalism and deconstructive aesthetics, which are elegant, yet masculine, delicate, and sensual. Pan specialises in innovating and reinventing the pattern cutting for suits by combining meticulous details and traditional tailoring techniques, and exploring innovative techniques and various forms of artistic expressions.

The brand is dedicated to developing a new model of fashion, which emphasises customised design by using the brand’s style as the foundation and allowing the public to participate in "design" and decide the details. The brand pursues unique craftsmanship to the greatest degree, with each piece of clothing carefully going through 100 menswear technological processes, which demonstrates its utter most respect for garment and customers. The designers of PERMU emphasise the design style combining minimalism and aesthetics, express their passion for fashion with bold and avant-garde designs, pursue high-quality design with oriental thinking which shows immense attention to detail, and create a new model of fashion based on an exchange of ideas between designers and customers.